November 02, 2012

F#ck You Bloomberg

Most of my family lives on Staten Island. Both my parents were born there and so was I. So far, everyone in my family is accounted for and is safe but the damage has been tremendous. At the end of the video they talk about how everyone on SI is either a cop or fireman he's dead right. Most of those same family members are first responders. Cops, firefighters and nurses. The fact that Mayor Nagin Bloomberg is having the marathon is despicable.

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Oh and by the way, let's turn away non-union work crews because being union is more important than actually helping people. (Yes this is in NJ and not SI but this is nearly as bad as the neglect for SI going on right now)

UPDATE: As of around 5:15pm local time, it was announced that the NYC marathon is canceled.

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pretty sure i saw a union announcement that they welcome non-union help in emergencies.

Posted by: d nova at November 10, 2012 12:24 PM