November 02, 2012

Imagine how these articles would read if G.W. Bush was the incumbent

Despite a 0.1% rise in the national unemployment figures today, here's how the Boston Herald reports the news:

The U.S. unemployment rate rose to 7.9 percent in October as the nation added 171,000 jobs.

The federal Bureau of Labor Statistics report also revised the number of jobs created in September to add another 34,000, increasing the number to 148,000. The August jobs number was revised upward to show 192,000 jobs created.

The October employment report solidified the picture of the U.S. job market that’s emerged this year: Companies are hiring steadily, but cautiously. And unemployment remains high.

“It seems to me if the folks who are working for Gov. Romney were hoping the story this weekend would be the deteriorating U.S. economy and the declining jobs situation, then they’ve got to be disappointed this morning about that,” said Michael Goodman, public policy professor at the University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth. “I don’t think anybody looks at the employment situation in the United States and says, ‘we’re out of the woods,’ but certainly this data and the data over the last couple of years suggests we’ve been slowly and steadily moving in the right direction. ... We’re adding jobs; people are returning to the work force. This is a stronger report than I expected. It’s very encouraging.”

Yeah, Mitt Romney is gonna be "disappointed" by today's report because after last month's unemployment figures dropped to under 8.0% for the first time in Boss Obama's term ... now have gone up again?? YEESH. And the number rising again is "stronger than expected" and "very encouraging"??

And then there's this, as noted earlier by our own Duffy: NYC Mayor Mikey Bloomberg is going ahead with his city's marathon -- despite the fact that Staten Island residents are still without power OR water. Or, as Boston radio host Michael Graham notes,

Sunday, America is going to watch a bunch of skinny, self-righteous, left-leaning joggers snatching bottles of water from the hands of Bloomberg’s NYC marathon crew—while families in Staten Island who have no power OR water sit amid the wreckage of their homes, still waiting for help.

Ah yes ... just imagine if this was, say, Dallas, Texas, and Boss Obama's predecessor was in in office. Thousands of residents without power or water, and the Dallas mayor insists that his city's marathon go on. The MSM would be screaming bloody murder about "WHERE'S FEMA, MR. PRESIDENT??!!" Y'know, like they did in these cases. Oh wait, that's right -- they didn't, then. Oh, and don't forget this little nugget.

UPDATE: As of around 5:15pm local time, it was announced that the NYC marathon is canceled.

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