October 31, 2012

What the Right constantly has to deal with

Headline today on MSN News: Obama visits storm victims, Romney campaigns. The actual article is more fair; however, in the lightning fast world of Internet news, that headlines are all.

Elsewhere, MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell slammed Mitt Romney for -- wait for it -- collecting storm supplies during Hurricane Sandy. Another MSNBC idiot, Martin Bashir, did the same thing, emphasizing that the Red Cross wanted monetary donations and not food or supplies. He (and Mitchell) must've missed the way-too obvious large television screens where Romney was asking people to donate to the Red Cross.

It truly is head-scratching how the MSM can turn something so innocent (and charitable) into something so "sinister." All the while blatantly -- in a fit of journalistic malpractice, really -- ignoring the cover-up that is Boss Obama and the Benghazi terrorist attack non-reaction/lie.

Bill O'Reilly once posited that the bias of the MSM gives the Democrat presidential candidate (in this case Boss Obama) a three-to-five percent bump in poll numbers. Frequent O'Reilly guest Bernie Goldberg thinks it's worse:

I tend to believe that number is much larger. After all, we’re not just talking about the media promoting Obama and disparaging Romney. We’re talking about the stories the media chooses to hype and the ones they choose to downplay. We’re talking about the information they willfully omit, and the partisan assertions they fail to challenge. We’re talking about the narratives that they help the president advance, and the messages from the Romney campaign that they work to bury. We’re even talking about the entertainment industry and late-night comedians, who by their own admissions can’t bring themselves to make sharp jokes at the president’s expense.

Again, if a Republican was president and something like what happened in Benghazi, Libya occurred, it would be endless headlines day after day -- especially if the prez offered up the excuses and lies that Boss Obama has. Hell, just look at the much less severe Valerie Plame story, for example. The MSM was determined to find a link to Pres. Bush for the supposed "outing" of a "covert" agent (who was stationed comfortably in Washington, DC), yet it now could care not at all that Boss Obama has offered up numerous conflicting stories about what happened in Libya, most especially why his administration pushed the now-false narrative that a ridiculous YouTube video was responsible for the carnage at our consulate there. (The video whose maker remains in jail, by the way!) Four people, including our Libyan ambassador, were killed, and the reason for these deaths pushed for a week by Boss Obama is a known LIE. And only Fox News and various right-leaning media outlets report on it.

It's beyond disgusting.

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Beyond, way beyond disgusting...keep up the good work.

Posted by: cardinals fan at October 31, 2012 05:44 PM