October 24, 2012

Iron Man 3 trailer

In case you're wondering:

  • Yep, that was Tony Stark remotely controlling his armor. Recall that we reported that IM3 is supposed to incorporate elements from the "Extremis" storyline from volume 4 Iron Man. In it, portions of the Iron Man armor technology become part of Tony Stark via nanotechnology. Stark summoning his gauntlet -- check. And that scene where "Iron Man" confronts Pepper while she and Stark are in bed ... and the armor confronting Stark himself? Is that a touch of ...

  • ... Joe Quesada's "Sentient Armor" storyline? It and the "Extremis" arc are similar enough that the movie script could easily incorporate both. Former Marvel EIC Quesada's brief tenure on Iron Man featured the pathetically awful "Sons of Yinsen" story arc, but the "Mask in the Iron Man" (Sentient Armor) idea (aside from the overly-hyped Y2K "bug" being the catalyst for it) and subsequent stories were pretty well done.

  • The Iron Patriot is Rhodey's new armor. He ain't War Machine anymore, folks!

  • That was Ben Kingsley as Iron Man arch-nemesis The Mandarin. Nice look! And the RINGS!! YES!!

Ben Kingsley as Mandy.

Comicbook rendition of the Mandarin.

And ever wonder just what Mandarin's Ten Rings of Power can do? Wonder no more:

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