October 11, 2012

Um, it is a public institution

What to do when political correctness collides with ... political correctness?

Case in point: The chief diversity officer at Gallaudet University -- a federally funded institution -- was put on administrative leave because she signed a petition against gay marriage. Here's the real conundrum:

[Dr. Angela] McCaskill was the first deaf African American female to earn a Ph.D. from Gallaudet, where she has worked for 23 years in various roles, including becoming the deputy to the president and associate provost of diversity and inclusion in 2011, according to her biography on the university website.

How dare the university president do that to a differently-abled black woman!! That normative-biased racist-sexist!!!

To their credit, those campaigning for gay marriage in the state have more sense than the idiot college prez. The Marylanders for Marriage Equality said

We strongly disagree with the decision to put the chief diversity officer on leave and hope she is reinstated immediately. Everyone is entitled to free speech and to their own opinion about Question 6 (the referendum on the ballot), which is about treating everyone fairly and equally under the law.

Yep. And since Gallaudet gets federal backing and funds, Dr. McCaskill should have greater freedom of speech protections than a private university. But she's finding out the hard way that "diversity" in campus-speak means only one thing -- and that doesn't include diversity of opinion.

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