September 15, 2012

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Disturbing Calls For Censorship In America By Professors, Journalists, U.S. Diplomats, And Egyptian Government.

In response to a film that mocked Mohammed, journalists on MSNBC, a professor, and the Egyptian government called for punishment of the film’s producers. Prominent left-leaning law professors have similarly advocated that such speech be restricted, citing customary international law. Their position, if accepted, would seriously menace free speech in America, and harm the publishing and film industries. (At the UN, the Obama administration has also lent qualified support to restrictions on “hate speech” and speech that incites hostility to Islam and other religions.)

We've already shown what two MSNBC idiots said regarding this issue; Hans notes an Ivy League professor saying the same thing. Elsewhere:

(h/t to Hot Air for several links.)

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Unbelievable. When are these people going to learn that freedom of speech does NOT mean freedom from criticism? There is no "right" to not be "offended." People have to live with criticism; it's a normal part of life. Not to mention that these "hate speech" laws are basically criminalizing opinions that don't fit with the establishment.

Posted by: Carl at September 15, 2012 01:51 PM