September 12, 2012

Question of the Day

Our ambassador to Libya was killed yesterday in that country's riotous attack on our consulate in Benghazi. KILLED. Our AMBASSADOR. And this is Boss Obama's response?

"I strongly condemn the outrageous attack on our diplomatic facility in Benghazi, which took the lives of four Americans, including Ambassador Chris Stevens."

If Mitt Romney cannot capitalize -- rightly -- on showing Boss Obama and his cohorts to be the incompetent boobs that they are, then say "hello" to another four years for the current dolt in the White House.

Meanwhile, look at what complete idiots Mike Barnicle and Donny Douche suggested today on MSDNC's "Morning Joe":

MIKE BARNICLE: Given this supposed minister's role in last year's riots in Afghanistan, where people died, and given his apparent or his alleged role in this film, where, not yet nailed down, but at least one American, perhaps the American ambassador is dead, it might be time for the Department of Justice to start viewing his role as an accessory before or after the fact.

DONNY DEUTSCH: I was thinking the same thing, yeah.

How are these cretins even in the position they are?? They'd run roughshod over the 1st Amendment ... because a bunch of radicals with a Bronze Age mentality can't control their animalistic impulses and kill people as a result? I reiterate from yesterday: Would these two buffoons wish to prosecute Andres Serrano for his insulting "Piss Christ"? Cheeyeah, right. They'd be the first to scream and holler about any threats and violence offended Christians engaged in.

In effect, Barnicle and Douche -- like those who believe Voter ID laws are voter "suppression" -- are engaging in the bigotry of low expectations. We somehow cannot expect Muslims to behave rationally when some dolt puts out an offensive video.

Here's the vid of these two numbskulls:

RELATED: Has Egypt apologized? Not quite. The government there has said the "U.S. government should not be blamed" for the offensive film, and that the attack on our embassy was "regrettable." But it was only "regrettable" because the US government had nothing to do with the film, not because the rioting Egyptians acted like complete a**holes.

Egypt's president also said,

“We ask the American government to take a firm position toward this film’s producers within the framework of international charters that criminalize acts that stir strife on the basis of race, color or religion.”

Sorry dude. How about you try elevating yourself to the 21st century where words and actions are two entirely different things. But then again, considering who occupies the White House presently, I fear you might just get your way.

ALSO RELATED: Hans Bader shows that the lame Boss Obama excuse that the Cairo embassy issuing its statement without "clearing it" first is, well, just that -- lame.

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I hate to argue in front of the kids but....

Diplomatic language is not like your typical speech. It is very carefully worded and certain phrases mean certain things. They do this to convey a very precise message. So whomever was responsible for Obama's response was sending a very direct message. For example, "outrageous" is actually very strong in diplospeak. If he had used the phrase "act of aggression" it would have been a signal that shit just got real and military action is quite likely. Obama could not win this one. He was dinged in the news for not attending security briefings hours before the story broke. The embassy apparently knew something was going on and didn't prepare properly. Overall a bad day for Obama and a bad day for America.

Posted by: Duffy at September 13, 2012 08:25 AM

"So 'whoever' was responsible for obama's response"

You mean the smartest man in the room isn't capable of reaponding himself on such a grave matter? I guess it doesn't do to have a boy doing a man's job.

Posted by: ligneus at September 23, 2012 06:59 AM