September 04, 2012

Idiot talks to an idiot

That's what you get when an MSNBC "pundit" talks with an intellectually challenged Democrat member of Congress. In this case, Thomas Roberts queries Sheila Jackson-Dunce, er, uh Lee if Voter ID laws are basically a poll tax:

“One issue impacting minority voters is voter ID – early voting restrictions,” Roberts began his question. “In your home state, a federal appeals court tossed out a voter ID law last week saying that it was an ‘unforgiving burden on the poor.’ Governor Rick Perry responded saying, ‘chalk up another victory for fraud.’ With 19 states now involved in this fight, why does the Republican Party – the party of smaller government and less taxes – want to institute more red tape and basically a poll tax on Americans to vote?”

Earth to Roberts: Poll taxes are unconstitutional, you complete cretin. As such,

[E]ach state that has imposed a strict requirement that voters must present photo identification at the polls has also made free identification available to voters that do not have them. Had those states not done so, the question of whether voter identification requirements constituted a poll tax would be valid.

But some loony "progressives" have even argued that using a stamp to register to vote (like I recently had to do because I had moved) is a freakin' "poll tax." Cripes, what's next -- using gas to drive to your polling place? Makes about as much sense as the cost of a f***ing stamp, after all!

The US Supreme Court has ruled favorably in voter ID cases, where the Texas case will end up and be heard next year. Meanwhile, Georgia and Indiana have had voter ID laws on the books since 2006, and Boss Obama won the latter in 2008 -- the first time a Democrat won that state since 1964. B-b-b-b-but how did he do that with that "voter suppression" ID law in place? Good question, as minority voter turnout increased after the Indiana ID was passed!

Go figure. Remember -- the usual racialist rhetoric about the poor and minorities when it comes to having an ID is merely the bigotry of low expectations. After all, you'll have to show ID several times this week at the Democrat National Convention, and there'll be plenty of minorities there, right?

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