August 23, 2012

"Offensive meat"

The ... misguidedness that are "hate crimes" laws strikes again -- this time in New York where a gathering of Muslims was threatened with ... meat:

Police are investigating an unusual bias crime on Staten Island. Muslims who gathered for prayer to celebrate the end of Ramadan in a city park found bacon scattered on the ground, CBS 2’s John Slattery reported Monday.

With Ramadan ending this past weekend, Muslims celebrated the end of fasting with prayer. On Staten Island an outdoor service was held Sunday on a New Dorp football field, attracting some 1,500 Muslims.

But before most of the faithful arrived for Morning Prayer, it was discovered that someone had scattered a quantity of raw bacon on the field.

As James Taranto says, "We can see why this would be classified as a hateful act, but what exactly is the crime? Littering?" NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly said his "Hate Crimes Task Force" has determined that this spreading of bacon is a "bias event." Which should surprise no one since something called a Hate Crimes Task Force sounds like it would be clamoring for something to do every eight-hour work day.

The task force is also investigating "derogatory comments" found on the Muslim group's website. Someone posted a comment “…That he or she was going to do something with a fat pig right at the time of morning prayer.” Man, I wish I could get some of the nasty comments posted here at Colossus investigated if this is the standard! I also think Maneer Awad, executive director of the New York chapter of the Council on Islamic Relations, is out of line when he says “Whether burning crosses or swastikas, a small minority are trying to threaten other people.” Threats? Um, while tossing a dietary no-no onto a football field (a field which, by the way, uses a pigskin to play its game ... go figure) is insensitive and even possibly "hateful," it doesn't rise to the abhorrent standard of cross burning or swastikas -- which actually led to the murder of [many] innocent people. Let's get a little sense of proportion here, please.

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The greatest crime here was the waste of bacon.

Posted by: Paul Smith Jr at August 24, 2012 01:22 PM

As a rule, most littering laws don't cover small amounts of biodegradable products. So Paul is correct, the crime is bacon wasting.

Posted by: Brud Lee at September 1, 2012 12:29 PM