August 22, 2012

All you need to know about Rob Liefeld ...

... in one line. Via Comic Book Resources:

Rob Liefeld, who teased last month on the heels of Grant Morrison that he too would be leaving DC Comics soon, announced his abrupt departure this morning with a flurry of tweets criticizing his editors and the handling of the New 52. Although he’s listed in the solicitations for Deathstroke, Grifter and The Savage Hawkman through November, the writer/artist states that next month’s zero issues will be his last.

“This is the 4th time I quit in the last 4 months. This time it will stick,” he wrote from a theater, where he was watching The Expendables 2. “Never thought the Image section of my book would be topped. This last year was a humdinger. The DC52 chapters will go top all of it. [...] Reasons are the same as everyone’s that you hear. I lasted a few months longer than I thought possible. Massive indecision, last minute and I mean LAST minute changes that alter everything. Editor pissing contests…

Commenter Jason Green echoed my first immediate thought: "Another reason not to like Rob Liefeld: he uses his phone during movies! HE’S ONE OF THOSE GUYS!"

And to the actual issue -- that of DC's internal hassles -- hack Liefeld may be right about all of it, but his past track record makes him not exactly reliable, in my book. I'll listen to George Pérez's complaints long before I'll turn up the volume on Robbie.

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Yeah, Liefeld is such a hack it's not even funny. I actually wrote about George Perez's Superman-related troubles with DC editorial and Grant Morrison last month:

Posted by: Carl at August 22, 2012 07:23 PM