August 21, 2012

Predictably infuriating

Ah yes, another Republican has made a dumb -- outrageously dumb -- comment, this time about rape. US Senate candidate from Missouri Todd Akin, who had a terrific opportunity to get the GOP a new Senate seat this fall, said that "in instances of what he called 'legitimate rape,' women’s bodies somehow blocked an unwanted pregnancy." Dumb? Yep. Stupid? Sure. Preposterously outrageous? Definitely.

Of course, the mainstream media predictably is having a field day with this. ABC notes that Akin's comments "may have repercussions for Mitt Romney." CNN points out that abortion is now at the center of the 2012 campaign debate, while its 9:00pm EDT host Piers Morgan notes that Mitt Romney has his "worst nightmare" with the controversy. MSNBC, to virtually no one's surprise, is using Akin's comments to tarnish the entire pro-life plank of the GOP. And, of course, Boss Obama chimed in (naturally), saying "rape is rape":

"Rape is rape, and the idea that we should be parsing and qualifying and slicing what types of rape we are talking about doesn't make sense to the American people and certainly doesn't make sense to me."

Ah! Is that so, Mr. President? Would you parse words about abortion considering you favor legal abortion for sex selection? Would you parse words about infanticide considering you opposed a state law in Illinois that would protect the life of a newborn after a failed abortion?

And where was all the mainstream media attention given to these way-out-of-the-mainstream positions that Boss Obama held (holds)?? Absent, as per usual.

And while the GOP was almost universally vocal in condemning Akin's comments, the usual MSM idiots -- like Piers Morgan above, and Juan Williams on "O'Reilly" last evening -- perpetually strive to paint the statements of one moron as "representative" of all the Republican Party ... just like they always do when there's been [politically motivated] violence. When Rep. Gabby Giffords was shot by a lunatic, these media dolts immediately jumped on Sarah Palin's use of "target" lingo as "the cause" -- despite the fact that Democrats had been using the same terminology for years. Cretin Brian Ross virtually immediately tried to implicate the Tea Party with the Aurora, Colorado shooter despite there being ample evidence via Google to prove the T.P. was in no way involved.

On the other hand, when a volunteer at a local Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transsexual center walked into the Family Research Council HQ in Washington, DC last week armed and then shot a security guard, well, let's just say the MSM took its sweet time even mentioning the story. And when they did finally "discover" what happened, coverage wasn't exactly in-depth. Oh, and did I mention that at least one prominent "progressive" talk show host said the shooting was the target's -- the Family Research Council's -- fault! Hey!! That sounds like someone telling a rape victim that she "asked for it" because she was dressed provocatively ... doesn't it?

*Sigh* It's the world we live in, after all. Conservatives/Republicans will never get a fair shake in the mainstream media merely because of who they are -- what they believe. And the old guard MSM will continue to (ridiculously) insist that they're fair when they're anything but, and that Fox News isn't a legitimate news organization ... ignoring against all evidence that that news outlet's meteoric rise is the ratings is precisely due to the MSM's preposterous bias, and that center and center-right individuals were craving a fair shake in news reporting -- reporting that Fox News gives them.

Lastly, maybe Fox can pick up this story about a Democratic Minnesota lawmaker who got caught a sex scandal with an under-aged boy. It can ask whether this will "put pressure on Barack Obama's campaign," and if this is Obama's "worst nightmare." But they won't. Fox does some silly stuff, yes, but they don't attempt to turn the actions of one individual into an indictment of a whole group. That's the MSM's and "progressives'" job.

UPDATE: Hey, has anyone heard of this Democratic US Senate candidate from Tennessee? Neither have I. That's probably because he's an anti-gay Democrat and the MSM can't be seen as reporting on something "so out of the ordinary," right?

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