August 07, 2012

Oh, that's right -- voter fraud is no big deal

In "another" election that took place in 2008, Republican Norm Coleman took on Democrat Al Franken for a US Senate seat in Minnesota. After winning the initial election and subsequent recount, Coleman then faced a number of legal challenges and further recounts. When all was said and done, Franken emerged the victor -- by a tad more than 300 votes.

Here's, in the words of Independence Day's Dr. Okun, "the really icky part":

There were a lot of irregularities in that race, where a blizzard of magically appearing Franken ballots put the old notion of squeaky-clean Minnesota elections to rest forever. But one specific data point has become inarguable, thanks to the work of authors John Fund and Hans von Spakovsky: the number of outright illegal votes cast by felons in the election far exceeds Franken’s margin of victory.

To date, 1099 felon votes have been identified, and 177 people have actually been convicted of voting illegally, with 66 more awaiting trial. This is all the more remarkable because a simple claim of ignorance is good enough to avoid conviction – as York puts it, “the accused can get off by claiming not to have known they did anything wrong.” Furthermore, it took quite a bit of shoe leather for conservative group Minnesota Majority to find state prosecutors willing to work the vote-fraud cases. (Link)

And think this outcome didn't have consequences? Without Franken, the Senate wouldn't have had a filibuster-proof Senate ... and hence ObamaCare could not have passed.

So, the next time some doltish "progressive" screams "voter suppression" or some such bullsh** when they hear the words "voter ID," just point to this. (Of course, the same buffoons will claim that the felons should have been allowed to vote anyway, so be ready for that goal post move, and don't take the bait.)

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Yeah, the Star Tribune and the local media here in MN has been doing their best to hush it up, but we all know it happened. As for Franken, there were a lot of idiots in the state (including a few relatives of mine) who voted him simply because he was on SNL... not because he was qualified or anything, which he wasn't.

Posted by: Carl at August 7, 2012 10:34 PM