August 02, 2012

Did I say "hack?" Yes -- and meant it

This is essentially a follow-up to my buddy Carl's reaction about Four Color Media Monitor's post (whew!) about comics hack -- yes, hack -- Rob Liefeld. While I have absolutely no way of knowing if it was really Liefeld who commented on on the post, I stand 100% by what I wrote in response:

LOL ... if that's really Liefeld, yeah, you're such a genius. The only genius you demonstrate is marketing yourself as some superb comics artist and/or writer. I'll give you that much. Don't know how you did it because, frankly, people like Neal Adams, John Buscema, Kurt Busiek, Steve Englehart and many more each have more talent in their NOSE HAIR than you in your totality.

I wonder how many people -- thinking, intelligent adults, young and old -- really think Liefeld is a superior talent in the comicbook realm. If you really believe he's in that upper echelon of comics creators, please please PLEASE take a gander at this post of mine from my old comics blog from over three years ago. Take a look at how he seems to have a difficult time coming up with original ideas, too. And this site is a must see for forty of Liefeld's "greatest of lamest" art offerings.

If you (or your phony blog troller) see(s) this, Rob, here's the deal: You're a fair comics talent who's gotten way more praise than what he rightfully deserves. As I said at FCMM, you've only a fraction of the talent that guys like Adams, Buscema, et. al. possess, but you've certainly managed to market yourself a helluva lot better. I wonder how some of their classic comics' values stack up against yours. Those outrageously over-speculated 90s sales figures don't do a thing for true value, amigo.

And, as Carl writes,

And furthermore, why do you care about what other people think of your work? If you don't like what someone written about you, just ignore it. You have to live with criticism. It's normal. And no offense, Liefeld, but you've kind of earned your notorious reputation since your stories were thin on plot and character development and had more brainless action than any interesting plot points.

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I believe Mark Millar and even Robert Kirkman of Walking Dead fame both compared Liefeld to wait for it... Jack Kirby. The two don't even begin to compare. At all. Not a Millar fan but I like Kirkman; however, both are way off-base in comparing a hack like Liefeld to one of the greats like Kirby.

Posted by: Carl at August 2, 2012 10:40 PM

If Millar and Kirkman said that, they must've been high. Or drunk. Or both.

Posted by: Hube at August 2, 2012 10:42 PM

LOL, yeah, probably both. I know people who think Liefeld is a "genius" for having created Cable and Deadpool... even though I always have to point out to them that he didn't develop their personalities at all; he didn't develop ANY characters, not even in his own creator-owned work. He created a Superman analogue called Supreme and it took Alan Moore to make the character interesting.

Posted by: Carl at August 3, 2012 12:50 AM