July 27, 2012

A gay man's view of the Chick-fil-A imbroglio

Fellow Watcher's Council member GayPatriot chimes in on the issue of Chicago and Boston using the power of government to bully Chick-fil-A just because its owner is a devout Christian who supports traditional marriage:

If you don’t like the fact that Chick-Fil-A’s president is a “devout” Christian who supports traditional marriage, then don’t buy his company’s product, but don’t attempt to impose your views on the rest of us by demanding that cities not grant permits to further franchises.

If cities determine to grant no business licenses to companies because of their management’s controversial politics, then we’d have to demand that cities grant no further licenses to Ben and Jerry’s franchises.

That said, the left-wing politics of that company won’t stop me from stopping by one of their stores on those occasions when I have a craving for a dish of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream.

Amen. I'll personally boycott various products if something the company or owner says/does that pisses me off. But I'm not gonna lobby my legislators to ban these products just because I have an issue with their politics. Chick-fil-A employs and serves gay Americans, just like it does all Americans. This, despite its owner's personal belief about traditional marriage. (A belief, by the way, that our own president shared up until a few months ago, and that almost half of all Americans still share.)

And, FWIW, in a debate last night on one of the pundit shows, the person supporting Chicago and Boston kept yammering about "discrimination" and "marriage equality." To that last point, his opponent asked, "Oh, then you support my desire to marry two women?" Flustered, anti-Chick-fil-A person stammered, eventually saying "We're talking about committed couples ..." Really? But why? If "marriage" is not to mean what it has for thousands of years, then why can't a man who wants to marry two women be included under the mantle of "marriage equality?"

As I've opined many times before, gay Americans seem to be obsessed with the term "marriage." Why not concentrate on the 14th Amendment aspect of the issue -- equal protection? It is not a separate but equal situation akin to that with blacks and whites; unlike skin tone, gender actually is a basic human difference. It's like radical feminists "arguing" that there's no difference between the sexes, that it's supposedly a "social construct." Of course, if we eliminated separate sporting events -- women's vs. men's golf, tennis, soccer, basketball, etc. -- there would be no females participating in these sports ... a small consideration such feminists and radical egalitarians always seem to gloss over. And why wouldn't there be any females in these sports? Because of the INHERENT gender differences which make men stronger and faster, that's why.

Get it? Men and women are different. It's a biological fact. "Marriage," as it's been defined for millennia, is between people of two biologically different genders.

Nevertheless, personally I could ultimately care less what two loving adults do, whether it's called "marriage" or whatever. It's none of my business. But it is my business if "progressives" use the coercive force of government to punish people (and businesses) for their beliefs -- especially beliefs which are quite mainstream ... and have been so for time immemorial.

UPDATE: JoshuaPundit has thoughts here and here.

UPDATE 2: It's not OK (if you believe in traditional marriage) to own a business like Chick-fil-A in Boston, but apparently it's just fine and dandy to attend a ribbon-cutting ceremony for a mosque -- a mosque where one of its "spiritual guides" had this to say about homosexuality:

“[A homosexual should be given] the same punishment as any sexual pervert  . . . Some say we should throw them from a high place, like God did with the people of Sodom. Some say we should burn them.

As Insty notes, "Gay hatred's OK if it's diverse gay hatred.

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That's my view. Can't add a thing to that!

Posted by: Sara Noble at August 10, 2012 01:08 PM

It is not hate to uphold Gods' laws and respect the sacred union between a man and woman...this should not be a political issue, but IMPERFECT man wants to think so...guess they'll have to answer for their error, you know...it says in the bible that in the end of days, things will go from bad to worse, I can see just how much worse things can get, neen noticing over the last 25 years...here's my take...these changes couldn't take place overnight, the people meeded to be dumbed down over time, and then be conditioned at the same time a little bit at a time to grow tolerant and accepting of something just a tad bit more shocking than before...the years go by and suddenly it's a debate about homosexual marriage v.s. it not being a question in the first place. Seperation of church and state was promoted behind smoke screens as a good thing, people learned to accept it, not knowing what they were accepting...they opened the door to have people driven from faith in God and follow His laws, to pledging their allegiance to man, who fails over and over and obeying man's laws...exactly what Satan wanted. Nowadays people think that as long as something makes you happy, it must be ok as long as it isn't hurting anyone...IT IS, it's hurting God, the real, true, unfailing Creator and his people...but people don't think about that because again, they've been conditioned and no longer give God a second thought. I watched a documentary called ENDGAME by Alex Jones...he's passionate and very annoying but highly intelligent, accurate and able to connect the dots...he has many documentaries that line up with some of the research I've done personally over the past 15 years and it all checks out for the doubter whom wants to cross-reference his stakes and claims...scary at forst to most, but awareness is key...let what you learn drive you to respect your parents values, ethics and morals and the elderly of our world...they have a lot to offer, just what the rulers of this world DON'T want...they need God and morals to be gone, so they can step in and become God...it'll work for a short while only.

Posted by: Troy Volkenant at August 27, 2012 07:17 PM

Wake up America, your time is short, God hinself will step in and end the perversion and demonic influence that is resident everywhere. So glad I'm on the winning side...even if they (global elite/Bilderburg Group) kill me, they won't have my soul...it's safe with Jesus, now and forever.

Posted by: Troy Volkenant at August 27, 2012 07:22 PM