July 25, 2012

Georgetown pulls a U.D. Residence Life Program

You might remember several years ago the University of the Delaware was exposed to the sunlight -- or, that is, its Residence Life Program was. Before the exposure, students were required to attend a variety of controversial seminars and face numerous invasive personal queries. Now it seems its neighbor to the southwest, Georgetown University, is trying out something similar:

Enter the Community Scholars Program at the Center for Multicultural Equity and Access. The CSP reaches out to disadvantaged youth and provides full scholarships and assistance for to GU. By all accounts it is a wonderful program that has great intentions and has helped many young people achieve their dream of attending college.

Sounds pretty basic. What is not included in this summary is one other workshop that students were required to attend as a part of the CSP. It was an LBGT “Sensitivity Training” course and apparently it was a requirement for students attending the program. According to multiple sources who wish to remain anonymous, although many students were uncomfortable about being forced to attend the training they were told they would face disciplinary action if they did not participate. One student who has yet to be officially named refused and was allegedly escorted off campus by Georgetown Campus Police. He was expelled from the summer program but there is a possibility he will still be eligible to attend regular classes in the fall.

More here.

I never get why campus ideologues feel it necessary to mandate -- force -- students into this stuff. And then they wonder why some rebel? C'mon. But this old UD student comment about their old program says it all about liberalism on campus: "I don't think mandatory participation is a problem -- if it wasn't mandatory then who would go?"

Yeah. Just imagine if a college had a mandatory program about, say, Christianity. Or Judaism. Think that would fly?

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I wish they'd just teach, the job they're being PAID to do. My English professor in college was a pretty liberal woman and the class more often than not was a lecture on how she thought great Obama was and how you were racist if you didn't agree with him. Half the time the class was also a lecture on racism/discrimination in general.... it was a joke.

Posted by: Carl at July 25, 2012 02:35 PM

Unreal, Carl. My daughter will be a college freshman next month ... I can only imagine what she's gonna face. :-P

Posted by: Hube at July 26, 2012 08:34 AM

Yeah, it's sad. My sister is the same age as your daughter and she took college classes during her senior year of high school. She said some of her more liberal professors often went off on rants about how "evil" the Tea Party is and how "good" the Occupy movement is... that kind of liberal nonsense.

Posted by: Carl at July 27, 2012 03:22 AM