July 24, 2012

NY Times speaks for Sally Ride

... now that the first American woman in space can't speak for herself since she passed away yesterday.

The Times' Andrew Rosenthal uses Ride's death to -- you guessed it -- spout off on completely irrelevant social commentary:

What’s less well known is that Ms. Ride was gay. Family and friends were aware of her 27-year relationship with Tam O’Shaughnessy, but the wider public was not. I bring up this personal detail because, as numerous people on the Web and Twitter have pointed out, Ms. O’Shaughnessy is not entitled to any federal benefits.

Ms. Ride was not a public advocate for gay rights. Still, I can imagine what she might have had to say about the situation. In 1983, she was the subject of endless questioning about being the first American woman in space, a lot of which focused on things like whether she would wear a bra or makeup in space. At a NASA news conference at the time, she said: “It’s too bad this is such a big deal. It is too bad our society isn’t further along.”

Indeed. Ms. Ride kept to herself about her sexuality, but Rosenthal "can imagine" what she'd say about things like the Defense of Marriage Act. Maybe she couldn't have cared less about it, for all we know. Like, Ride's comments about bras and makeup perhaps weren't commentary about simply being the first [American] woman in space, but the lunacy of the modern media (and popular culture) and how that wasn't further along.

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The NYT's idiotic commentary on Ride just goes to show how irrelevant they are.

Posted by: Carl at July 25, 2012 02:32 AM