July 16, 2012

Tweet of the Day

Breaking: Obama sues Starship over 80s hit "We Built This City," insists title be changed to "Big Gov't Built This City."


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Finally, today is the day that Obama really shows us what he truly believes. There is no longer any hiding or denying the facts. The man is a true fascist. Since he's been in office, the power of the presidency has emboldened him. It's like he can say anything without repercussions.
When you heard him say that no success in life is without its roots in the government, it's a confession. He's literally telling America and the world that he is a 21st century fascist. He honestly believes that without government we are nothing. It's not our hard work that made us successful. It's not the hours extra spent doing a project that made the outcome turn out well. It's not the long hours of studying that got you that degree. It's not the sacrifices and hard work that got you to the top.
No, it was the government. The government got you that degree. It was the government that got you that promotion. It wasn't the hundred hours of overtime that go you that bonus. No it was Obama and his government.
Well, if that's the fact, I'd like to personally thank Obama for all the good in my life. I'd like to thank him, PERSONALLY, for my degrees, business and family. In fact, I'm going to forgo church and go directly to The White House every Sunday to give my savior, OBAMA, proper homage. We should change the Our Father to..."Our President, who art in the White House, hallow be thy name, OBAMA. Thy taxes come, thy will be done in America as it is in fascism. Give us this day our daily food stamps and forgive us our for our success as we forgive those who succeed more than we do. And lead us not into self-sufficiency but deliver us from capitalism. AMEN...I mean Hail Obama."
All joking aside. This is not funny! The man is more left than Hitler! In fact remember these slogans: "One people. One nation. One leader." "Give me 4 years' time." "The President is always right." Well, if you don't, they're a direct translation from the Nazi propaganda machine. What began as a troubling term in the White has turned into a nightmare. The man truly wants to kill America. He obviously doesn't believe in the American dream and as more people get on the government doll, he has them believing the same things as him.
It is sad how low our country has gone. Heaven help us if Obama has another 4 years!

Posted by: Tired American at July 16, 2012 07:41 PM