July 16, 2012

Iron Man 3 armor revealed

... as well as confirmation of the villain:

The money shot involves the reveal of the film's villain -- confirmed officially to be Ben Kingsley as The Mandarin. Though some prior moments hinted at his existence (a few glimpses of a samurai sword are interspersed throughout the footage), the end sequence makes it clear who the main antagonist of this movie is. Kingsley's introduction involves a shot from behind as he removes the hood of his cape, revealing a mostly-bald head with a samurai-style circular patch of dark hair in the middle, a long train of hair protruding from it. Slowly revealed from the front, the camera trains along his hand (rings on every finger), pulling out to show The Mandarin, face-on, seated and sporting a full, long, bushy, dark beard. Reading into his stature alone, Kingsley looks to embody the villain with appropriate menace and confidence.

Looks like all the guessing back in April was on the money. And while the "Extremis" storyline still looks to be in play for the sequel, the armor is definitely different from that arc:

The "Extremis" armor is actually the basis for the Iron Man armor we see in the first two films. But one would certainly expect to see something different for "Extremis," which includes a "bio-tech" aspect for Tony Stark to "armor up." And "Extremis" did feature a gold "under armor" that Stark utilized.

Iron Man 3 arrives in theatres May 3, 2013.

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