July 12, 2012

A.P. gets busted deleting a laugher about voter ID

In its original incarnation, the AP's Henry Jackson included this howler about a government witness against the Texas voter ID law:

Victoria Rose Rodriguez, 18, told a federal court in Washington that she had limited documentation — a birth certificate, a high school transcript and a student ID card with a photo on it — but is currently a registered voter in Texas. She said her parents are too busy to take her or her twin sister to get the new voter identification cards required by the law.

J. Christian Adams of PJ Media shreds this utter nonsense:

Naturally, Henry Jackson doesn’t seem to note this obvious laugher, that Rodriguez has parents too busy to get the ID, but can hop a plane in San Antonio and spend at least a day in Washington, D.C., and then ride back home. In fact, Jackson (and the rest of press) simply laps up the government’s stories without question.

The AP excised the hilarious testimony after Adams wrote about the absurdity of it. But aside from this hilarity, just consider the broader picture: This is how our government is arguing its case against showing a photo ID -- by bringing forth a young woman who says her mom and dad are "too busy" to get state-accepted ID in order to vote ... but they can -- somehow! -- manage to find the time to jet off to the nation's capital to testify ... about how they don't have time to go get a photo ID!

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