July 09, 2012

Chutzpah alert

Obama Says Romney Needs to Be an ‘Open Book.’

President Obama is personally calling on Mitt Romney to release more of his tax returns.

In an interview Monday night with Manchester, N.H., ABC affiliate WMUR, Obama stressed the need for transparency when asked whether Romney’s offshore finances, including a Swiss bank account, disqualified him for office or made him unpatriotic.

“What’s important is if you are running for president is that the American people know who you are and what you’ve done and that you’re an open book. And that’s been true of every presidential candidate dating all the way back to Mitt Romney’s father,” Obama told reporter Josh McElveen.

True for you, Mr. President? Riiiiiiiiight.

Doug Ross:

  • Why did the Obama 2008 website accept electronic donations from foreign countries?
  • Why did the Obama 2008 and 2012 websites both turn off all credit card security?
  • Why did Barack Obama list his birthplace as Kenya to market his books?
  • Why was the Obama campaign raising money in France last week?
  • And is Obama hiding his college transcripts because he used foreign-student status to gain admission to prestigious Ivy League schools even though he confessed to being a drugged-out stoner in high school?

"Open book" my arse.

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