July 09, 2012

Indian River district votes to keep Indian mascot

Past Dopey News Journal Letter writer Lloyd Elling not only whined in Delaware's largest newspaper about the southern Delaware school district's use of a Native American name and images, he took his complaints to the district itself. And he was shot down unanimously:

A recent request to remove the Indians as the name and mascot of the Indian River School District was unanimously rejected by the Board of Education.

Since 1967, the name has been synonymous with the school and the region’s history. Never before have school administrators heard an objection to the name, and they say one complaint will not be enough to prompt change.

And it wasn't just the school board. As I noted back in early June, it looked as if Elling was playing the role of the "Great White Hope" in [supposedly] taking up the Native cause. And I was right:

Delaware’s Nanticoke Indian tribe doesn’t find the mascot offensive, Chief Herman Robbins said.

Elling approached the tribe about his dissatisfaction, but Robbins said the Indian is fitting for Indian River.

“The [Wilmington High School] Red Devils is more offensive,” Robbins said. “Red devil is someone evil and wicked. We are not taking sides with [Elling]. We don’t find it offensive.

In a word: "Heh."

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