July 03, 2012

Just remember this about global warming:

One can never scoff about global warming when temperatures are frigid beyond belief and blizzards wrack civilization. The lectures then are "You cannot equate weather with climate."

However, when there's a blazing heatwave, well, we see mainstream media headlines like this: This US summer is 'what global warming looks like.' Ah, yes. Of course!

Just keep the following tidbits in mind when you hear a radical global warming fanatic who wants everyone everywhere to radically alter their lifestyle: One, according to global warming scientists themselves, given the current concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere, there's precious little we can do to reverse our warming trend for about 1,000 years. And two, keep this article in mind by The Independent back in 2000 where global warming alarmists "informed" us that "snowfall is history in Britain."

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I agree it's pretty much hopeless.

However, almost every household "environmental suggestion" -- including many of the CO2 reducing ones -- also does one of three things:

a) helps reduce energy use, which reduces air pollution, which kills about a half million people a year.

b) helps reduce chemical waste or plain old garbage, which pollutes air and water you and your kids drink.

c) saves a shitload of money with virtually no inconvenience (I can personally attest to this!)

Posted by: dan at July 6, 2012 01:00 PM