July 01, 2012

Expect to see more of this

From MSNBC.com: Gov. Scott says Florida will not comply with health care law or expand Medicaid.

And why not? Boss Obama has refused to cooperate and coordinate with law enforcement in Arizona regarding immigration violations. Boss Obama has refused to deport certain illegal immigrants because, well, he doesn't want to. His Dept. of Justice refuses to prosecute the attorney general after he's held in contempt of Congress. Various liberal mayors and legislators refuse to go after illegal immigrants by declaring their towns "sanctuary cities." The feds suing states for requiring a photo ID to vote, yet refusing to prosecute outright -- and videotaped -- voter intimidation. A big city mayor ignores state law and allows gay "marriages" in his burg.

Why is it "right" when so-called "progressives" refuse to uphold and/or enforce laws, but it's anathema for people like Scott to do same? Obviously, a huge part of it is the mainstream media: The rule of law only matters when it benefits the interests of the Left. It is easily jettisoned when it contradicts those interests.

Keep in mind this isn't merely about legal and political disagreements -- it's the hypocrisy. If Boss Obama and his fellow "progressives" were at least even a little consistent in their application and enforcement of the laws, maybe you wouldn't see actions like this taken by Gov. Scott. Or, for that matter, actions like that taken by states like Arizona.

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I really hope America wakes up and votes Obama out in November... I can't stand the thought of another four years of the immaturity and double standards he's displayed since taking office.

Posted by: Carl at July 2, 2012 03:32 PM