June 21, 2012

Tears For Fears' big hit

Newsarama has yet another of its way-cool top ten lists up today, this time "Top Ten Superheroes Who Tried to Rule the World." Notice it says heroes, not villains, which means that (usually) these heroes had good intentions. But you know what they say about good intentions, right?

At #10 is Magneto which author Graeme McMillan admits is an iffy inclusion. It's always been debated whether Maggy is truly a "villain;" if your people have been perpetually persecuted and you fight back, is that really "villainous?"

At #6 is my second favorite hero ever, the Vision (at left). In the mid-80s, after being critically injured, the Android Avenger was hooked up to the super-computer ISAAC on Saturn's moon Titan. He shortly thereafter thought it'd be wise to impose a benevolent dictatorship on planet Earth ... in order to create a Utopia. He eventually was convinced to cease those plans.

In a very cool of What If? (volume 2, #19), we're treated to two views of what would have happened had Vision not ceased his takeover plans. In the first, Vizh succeeds in creating his Utopia, leading to Earth becoming a major player/partner in the galaxy. In the second, his actions lead to a dystopia, where Earth becomes like unto an authoritarian communist state, and then becomes a conquering star-faring power. The Utopia story, by the way, is continued in What If? vol. 2 #36, part of the "Timequake" storyline ... and it doesn't end well for the Vision.

#5 is Iron Man but I give it VERY short shrift. This is because it relies on the "Civil War" story arc which ludicrously turned Tony Stark/Iron Man into fascist who ok'd the use of, among other things, known heinous villains to subdue rebel heroes, and a Negative Zone prison to hold these rebels. Garbage.

At #4 is Watchmen's Ozymandias. I like how McMillan thinks in his write-up; however, a couple nits: One, at least tens of thousands, not hundreds, died in the "alien" attack on New York City. And two, his plan made a helluva lot more sense than that which was used in the film version of the story.

Coming in at #3 is one of my favorite groups ever, the Squadron Supreme. I won't waste a lot of space about their entry here, mainly because I did up a rather lengthy piece on them three years ago at my old comics site!

And, at #2 is the progressive's dream come true, the Authority. Like the Squadron Supreme, I won't waste a bunch of space here, since I already did so right here at Colossus. But I will say that, despite the overt radical politics of this title, the vast majority of its stories have been way above par.

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