June 09, 2012

Iconic Marvel writer disapproves of heroes turning gay for gayness sake

Four Color Media Monitor reports that one of Marvel's greatest-ever writers (and DC's, too, for that matter), Roy Thomas, ain't too keen on DC turning one of their well-established heroes into a homosexual:

Just learned of this this morning. I've nothing against gays, but I think the notion of making Alan Scott retroactively gay (even if this is a new Earth-2 version, an abomination of an idea in and of itself) is ludicrous and offensive.

It is also a slap in the face to Dann, Jerry Ordway, Mike Machlan, and I, who co-created his children Jade and Obsidian... and of course Dann and I also engineered his fathership with Thorn and his later marriage to Harlequin... as it even undercuts the potential economic value of our creation.

I believe this concept shows contempt for us and for long-time faithful readers. And I think we should return the favor. But, in the end, it's all just word and pictures on paper (or in cyberspace), and is no more valid re the original Green Lantern created by Mart Nodell and Bill Finger than was the retroactive continuity we did back in the '80s.

Thomas is one of my favorite creators ever. His run on The Avengers in the 60s-70s is one of the best, and his injection of humor is only rivaled by the Man himself, Stan Lee. Now, watch as the Loony Left tears into Thomas, labeling him a "homophobe" and all the other garbage terms they use.

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Roy Thomas is a legend. The kree-skrull war is one of my favorite comics tales of all time. I'm glad he's speaking out against the politically correct peons running DC today... he probably be evisecreated by the immature leftists though. As I said a few weeks ago, making Alan scott homosexual is a slap in the face to the original creators, Martin Nodell and Bill Finger.

Posted by: Carl at June 9, 2012 01:45 PM