May 12, 2012

Ten Avengers stories that'd make a great [movie] sequel

Newsarama (as usual) has the list:

10) Operation: Galactic Storm. The team finds itself in the midst of a war between the alien Kree and the Shi'ar. Consider me bought.

9) Lost in Space-Time. This is a West Coast Avengers yarn that I am [unbelievably] unfamiliar with! Newsarama says it might be the best time-travel story in Earth' Mightiest's history, so I think I'm gonna have to track these issues down ...

8) The Serpent Crown Saga. One of my favorite Avengers arcs ever, if only because it came out when I was really getting into comics back in the day, and because it had the team battling it out with the Squadron Supreme. IMO, this story would only be worth doing if the alternate Earth's super-team were in it. But I think that'd wishful thinking ...

7) The Infinity Gauntlet. Well, um, this is the odds-on favorite for the sequel considering the first post-credits special scene ...

6) House of M. No thanks. Ugh.

5) The Korvac Saga. I'm totally game for this. It could work perfectly -- Korvac gains incredible power in the future and travels back in time as a "god" with the goal of liberating humanity from "destiny." If done as well as Jim Shooter wrote it back in the late 70s, it would be one damn kickin' film.

4) Under Siege. The plus side of this would be a lower budget film because all the action takes place right at the Avengers' home base. Could have the Red Skull in place of Zemo tantalizing the captive Capt. America and trashing his 60+ years worth of lock box memories.

3) Civil War. This could indeed make for quite a slam-bang sequel; however, if the politics in the film is as it was in the comics, I won't be caught dead in the movie theatre.

2) Ultron Unlimited. This would rock non-Avengers fans perfectly as it's a Terminator-like horror yarn where the insane, indestructible robot decimates an entire country ... and threatens the whole planet.

1) The Kang Dynasty. (See left.) In a movie, this'd be like the Korvac tale noted in #5: the time-traveling future human comes back to the 21st century to take over and rule like a king. If the depth and scope is like Kurt Busiek's 2001-2002 story arc, we certainly won't be disappointed!

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Good list, Hube. Any one of these storylines, aside from Civil War (ugh) and House of M (double ugh) would make a good movie, though I'm not as familar with the West Coast Avengers, aside from their appearance in Operation Galactic Storm.

Posted by: Carl at May 12, 2012 06:33 PM

The Korvac Saga would be my number one pick, followed by Kang and then Ultron.

Posted by: Jacob at May 12, 2012 06:42 PM