April 30, 2012

Ah, "diversity"

I really got a kick out of this: Elizabeth Warren, challenger to surprise 2010 Massachusetts GOP Senate winner Scott Brown, got caught -- caught labeling herself as a minority when she got employed by Harvard University. She claimed she was Native American. But thanks to the New Media, this has been shown to be false:

Apparently "family lore" has it that "both Warren's grandparents on her mother's side had Native American lineage." That lore may or may not be accurate. Genealogist Christopher Child "traced back Warren's family to her great-grandfather on her mother's side and couldn't find any proof of Native American heritage." He tells the Herald that "in her immediate pedigree there is no one who is listing themselves as not white," although he also says, in the reporter's paraphrase, "that finding Native American lineage is not always easy."

The Warren campaign says that the candidate "never authorized Harvard Law to claim her as a minority hire," and that she "'has no recollection of discussing her Native American heritage with Harvard Law School faculty' before her hiring." But Volokh Conspiracy blogger David Bernstein discovered Warren did just this elsewhere.

'Ya gotta love this. By Warren claiming Native heritage before Harvard, she automatically gained a certain status in such a politically correct environment. Confirming this background, as seen above, is problematic -- Native American history is frequently oral, hence no concrete records. And if one tried to make a big deal out of this lack of records, diversophiles would scream "white patricarchy hegemonic oppression!" and any and all heat on Warren would immediately cease.

But Warren has made the move beyond the comforting womb of the elite ivory tower into politics. Here, no one is really going to care about the PC mores of a university like Harvard. Hence, Warren is now caught -- caught between assuaging her former employer and convincing the Massachusetts public of her bona fides.

Welcome to the REAL world, Ms. Warren.

Previously: Warren, who claimed to be a founder of the Occupy movement, also claimed she is not wealthy ... despite a a quarter of million dollar salary and living in a five million dollar house.

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I've always found it amusing how diversophiles frequently call out the European settlers for being "genocidal" and "evil" but ignore some of the atrocities committed by the Native tribes themselves. Namely the Aztecs, who went to war with neighboring tribes just so they could sacrifice them to their blood god. And partake in cannibalism, too. Or the victims of the Maya, who did the exact same thing to those who lost the Mesoamerican ball game.

Posted by: Carl at May 1, 2012 04:00 PM