April 20, 2012

"Progressive" liar set to return to comics

CBR reports that idiot Micah Wright is slated to return to comics with Duster -- a tale about "an errant band of Nazi war criminals who crash land near a small Texas farm" in the waning days of World War 2. But ... why is Wright a "progressive" liar? This is why:

My name is Micah Wright. I'm a former Army Ranger, and I've been lying to you. I've kept the secret for years now, but all lies grow and eventually get out of control. This is me coming clean about my Big Lie. What did I lie about? Oh, nothing much...

Except that I was never an Army Ranger. I never served a day in a Ranger Regiment. I never went to Ranger School. The closest I ever got was Army ROTC.

This entire Army Ranger thing is a stupid lie which has its roots back in college. When I was in the Army ROTC (and I really was, trust me), I met a lot of Rangers, and got to know some of these amazing men. They always impressed me with their inspired competence and their commitment to one another. Though I enjoyed my time in Army ROTC, I decided that eight years of military service was not for me and I left the program. That ended my involvement with the military.

The funny thing is, Wright was supposed to make his "comeback" four years ago with this Duster project -- I personally tipped off Michelle Malkin about it. And the current report states that the series won't be released until the end of next year. Yeesh.

At any rate, who the hell cares. I've no problem with someone making a "comeback;" however, I certainly won't be among those purchasing Wright's garbage (and I urge you not to, as well), not only because he's a lying punk who, even as people became suspicious about him, went on the offensive with his fables:

Another West Point Butterbar who can't read my bio page and figure out that while he was playing Mario on his Super Nintendo, I was shooting people for George Herbert Walker Bush the 3rd. Been there, done that, newbie. Lecture me after you've seen piles of dead people who stood in the way of a Bush President. For the last time, I'm a (expletive deleted) veteran. None of these posters mock the men and women in uniform. How is it that people are so stupid that they can't look beyond the image and understand the message?

... but especially because he's a far-leftist lying punk, with dreams of super-powered heroes instituting a coup d'etat against the United States. At any rate, I particularly enjoyed this comment on today's CBR story about Wright's new book: "Maybe [now] he fought Adolf Hitler too. Probably borrowed Marty Mcfly’s Delorean and battled the Nazi’s." Yeah, that, or Duster will somehow make comparisons to Nazi Germany and the United States -- y'know, how the two nations "weren't really all that different" when you think about it. Or some such crap.

I wouldn't put it past this a-hole.

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It blows me away how this guy can still find work after lying like he did and falsifying his resume.

Posted by: Carl at April 21, 2012 01:24 PM

"It blows me away how this guy can still find work after lying like he did and falsifying his resume."

For the left, those look good on a resume.

Posted by: pst314 at April 26, 2012 10:41 AM

Unfortunately that's true.

Posted by: Carl at April 26, 2012 03:24 PM

Of course, this was almost a decade ago, so yeah, for sure, let's freak out about it now. Or, alternately, recognize that people change with time. He apologized 8 years ago... time to let it go?

Posted by: Eric at May 9, 2012 10:50 PM

Up yours, Eric. I don't care if the guy apologizes till the cows come home. He only apologized because he got caught. And even then, he went on the attack, attempting to silence his questioners before things got worse.

Screw him. And screw you.

Posted by: Hube at May 10, 2012 07:52 AM