April 18, 2012

Ok to go without meals to pay $1,000 to shake Obama's hand

That's according to one Lonnie Peek, a self-described "racial militant" from Michigan:

“A thousand dollars is a lot of money,” Lonnie Peek, one of the fortunate few to touch Obama personally, told CBS. “But other folks are kickin’ in for their candidates, so what you do is you bite the bullet. You wanna have your conscience good, to feel that this is what I did. You know, you go without a couple of meals. We can miss a couple meals.

No wonder Obama still has so many supporters despite his dismal economic performance while in office. Soaring gas prices? We can go without driving if we can just shake The Messiah's hand. Pay more taxes? No problem -- I'll pay a grand, as long as I can shake The Messiah's hand. Most debt racked up by any president in history? Let me personally assist with $1,000 by being able to shake The Messiah's hand.


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