April 17, 2012

If this had remained in the movie, I'd have walked out and never patronized a Marvel film again

Get this: A ridiculous scene in the upcoming Avengers film had Captain America lamenting the loss of “loss of health care and welfare” in his country. Thankfully, it was cut from the final product by director Joss Whedon:

One of the best scenes that I wrote was the beautiful and poignant scene between Steve and Peggy [Carter] that takes place in the present. And I was the one who was like, ‘Guys, we need to lose this.’ It was killing the rhythm of the thing. And we did have a lot of Cap, because he really was the in for me. I really do feel a sense of loss about what’s happening in our culture, loss of the idea of community, loss of health care and welfare and all sorts of things. I was spending a lot of time having him say it, and then I cut that.

Aside from the ridiculous historical inaccuracy of such a statement (healthcare and welfare coverage have both increased dramatically since the 1940s, for heaven's sake), it's simply something that Cap would never say -- unless he's in the hands of a typical leftist contemporary comics creator. Some commenters at the article link say that Whedon is more a libertarian (he created "Firefly"), but Avi Green at FCMM believes the liberal slant given Whedon's abortion arc in Buffy the Vampire Slayer comics.

Nevertheless, Cap, over his long history, has been quite reluctant to get into political debates. In my view, Cap's philosophy is best exemplfied by the following panel from Daredevil #233, the "Born Again" storyline written by Frank Miller:

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If the scene had remained in the movie, I wouldn't have bothered seeing it period.

Posted by: Carl at April 17, 2012 09:31 PM

I was going on the assumption that I hadn't known about it beforehand. :-)

Posted by: Hube at April 17, 2012 09:33 PM

At any rate I'm very glad Whedon had the sense to cut the scene out of the film. He sounds like your typical liberal in denial of actual history, especially since healthcare and welfare have increased since the end of WWII. Government has, too... that type of dialogue sounds like it was lifted from Mark Millar or Ed Brubaker's version of Captain America.

Posted by: Carl at April 18, 2012 03:20 PM