April 16, 2012

But they'll never do this. Because they're hypocrites

I like what Deroy Murdock proposes today -- what Senate Republicans should propose as an amendment to the "Buffett Rule" debate today:

Call it the Buffett Box.

The Buffett Box will make life easy for such wealthy liberal tax masochists. The Buffett Box could be added to the IRS 1040 Income Tax form. It would read, more or less as follows:

If you believe you should be taxed at a rate above that assigned to your income bracket, please indicate in this box the higher rate that you prefer. Kindly enter your recalculated tax liability. Now send it in.

So people perpetually irritated at hypocritical "progressives" who routinely clamor for "higher taxes" can simply ask, "Did you fill in the Buffett Box?"

Don't expect an answer. Our old friend "progressive" Perry (commenting as "Wagonwheel") over at The First Street Journal is a perfect example: he has refused to answer just this question on many threads, even as he -- like way too many other liberals -- laments the "regressive" tax code, the "rich" who don't pay their "fair" share, and clamors for the ridiculous "Buffett Rule." Again, if you believe government needs more, why don't you just pay more than you legally owe? Or, if you get a refund, give it back to Uncle Sam? At least President Obama matches his words with deeds in that regard; he gave his tax refund right back to the feds. (Well, sort of -- he requested that it go towards his 2012 tax payment. But it's a lot more than other hypocritical libs would do.)

UPDATE: Several commenters on Murdock's article point out that the "progressive" state of Massachusetts has such a box for its state taxes -- the option of paying at the higher 5.95% income tax rate after a ballot initiative passed in 2000 to lower the rate back to 5%. Less than 1% of the tax-paying population volunteers to pay at the higher rate.

Surprise, that.

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