April 10, 2012

Ben Kingsley in Iron Man 3?

CBR reports that the Oscar-winning actor is in "final negotiations" to play the villain in next year's Iron Man 3. But despite yearnings for a Mandarin appearance/battle, don't count on it:

The odds would seem to be against Mandarin, though. While "Iron Man" and "Iron Man 2" director Jon Favreau wanted to include the character in the third film -- "You have to do the Mandarin," he told MTV in 2010 -- his successor Shane Black ("Kiss Kiss Bang Bang") more recently dismissed the villain as a racist caricature. The criminal mastermind with ties to the Communist Party could also prove an obstacle to the all-important Chinese film market. Then there's the matter of the Mandarin's 10 Makluan rings, which even Favreau acknowledged "just doesn't feel right for our thing" (and, The Hollywood Reporter notes, edges a little close to Green Lantern's power ring).

Well, first of all, it was more than subtlely hinted in the first film that the head terrorist bad guy was the Mandarin -- or at least one of his acolytes. He kept twisting that ring on his finger and the name of his organization was the "Ten Rings." And given that Stark's captors were Afghanis/radical Muslims, why would Mandy have to retain his Chinese heritage for the film?

IM3 is set to loosely utilize the "Extremis" story arc which was done by Warren Ellis and artist extraordinaire Adi Granov (whose armor designs were used in the films). The story was pretty cool -- Stark literally becomes one with his Iron Man armor based on a nanotech "virus;" however, Ellis injected far too much leftist propaganda into the dialogue via reporter "John Pillinger" who's not-so loosely based on radical filmmaker John Pilger. Hopefully, this drivel will be excised from the film, otherwise it'll ruin the very successful franchise.

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I agree; Extremis was pretty cool, apart from Ellis injecting his usual leftist nonsense into the story. Also i read an interview that Ellis was just winging it when he wrote the story and didn't know much about the character apart from his earliest appearances.

Posted by: Carl at May 5, 2012 05:28 PM