April 07, 2012

More narrative fail

George Zimmerman apparently passed a lie detector test the night of the Trayvon Martin shooting:

George Zimmermanís defense team is growing, suggesting that heís planning for a grand jury indictment and a subsequent criminal trial. Interestingly, his new attorney has begun releasing some previously unknown facts.

Did you know that, on the night of Trayvon Martinís death, Sanford police gave George Zimmerman a voice stress test?

They did, and the results probably contributed to his release.

A voice stress test is like a polygraph, but instead of measuring heart rate and blood pressure, it looks for changes in an individualís voice patterns that are thought to suggest psychological stress. With the help of software, investigators record a suspect answering baseline questions and then compare them to answers about the case.

This technology is not unique to Sanford. The National Institute for Truth Verification, a manufacturer of the technology, claims that over 1,800 local, state and federal law enforcement agencies use their product. They also claim to have trained U.S. Military personnel.

Zimmerman apparently "came out clean," but a study by the Justice Dept. says this type of test is really "no better than flipping a coin."

No word yet on whether Zimmerman will appear on the Maury Show to see if he can pass his lie detector test ..

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