April 01, 2012

The epitome of the "limousine liberal"

That would be one Keith Olbermann, of course. Details are emerging surrounding his ... departure from the barely-watched Current TV, and they paint a picture that should have been well known -- except that "progressives" perpetually kept their blinders on.

According to Mediaite, a source at Current TV said the former Countdown host went through eight different car services while working at the network, complaining that the drivers “smelled” and “talked to him.”

Furthermore, though Olbermann’s $250,000 studio was built to his exact specifications, he allegedly refused to use the set when there were lighting problems back in December. Not only that, but he refused to let guest hosts use the elaborate studio.

Current TV is also claiming that Olbermann refused to publicize the network and the show when he wasn’t hosting his program (and he took about half of January and February off). They say he even barred his staff from sending out related Twitter updates, and prevented guest hosts from promoting the show. (Jealous that they would get better ratings, perhaps?)

Just remember though -- he's on YOUR side!!

Olbermann complained about the hoodie he's wearing because:

a) It wasn't autographed by Snoop Dogg
b) It wasn't an Abercrombie & Fitch
c) It didn't have that "new hoodie smell"
d) A guest host had wanted to use it
e) It was only 50% cotton

UPDATE: The Daily Beast has more details, including this:

Olbermann never came close to the more than 1 million viewers he had averaged at MSNBC, but his Current show was drawing more than 100,000 in the prized 25-to-54 age group last summer—and that gradually dwindled to 30,000.

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The Right-Wingers are havin’ a ball, gloating and trying to smear Keith. Hey guys, chill out , and just take some more Viagra! The real question we should be asking is : Did CurrentTV simply USE Keith to gain attention and higher ratings? They KNEW what they were getting! Did they lure him with big bucks, and then drop him when they were done? Yes, we all know that Keith injects emotion and passion into his commentary, into his intelligent and incisive reporting, and into his humor....all of which makes his program interesting, as well as informative. He's forceful, honest, and direct: you FEEL his pain, you FEEL his anger, and you FEEL his heart-felt sincerity when he covers a story. And he covers it well. He's NEVER just another talking head! If Keith is absent from CurrentTV, then I too will be absent from CurrentTV. For Keith is one of the best - hands down- as evidenced by his outstanding coverage of OWS during the past year. I wish him well, and hope that he is back on the air soon. We need his unique voice and viewpoint!

Posted by: stan chaz at April 2, 2012 12:06 AM

Give me a friggin' break, uh?

Posted by: Hube at April 2, 2012 07:45 AM

Pure Narcissism, just like his master Obama. Im amazed he hasn't starved to death via gazing into a mirror.

Oh and Stan put down the crack pipe, it causes brain damage.

Posted by: Random Blowhard at April 6, 2012 08:22 AM

Stanb chaz posted that exact comment at NRO. He's an Olbermann groupie. No, wait... He's *the* Olbermann groupie.

Posted by: Gregory of Yardale at April 7, 2012 09:36 AM