March 29, 2012

The L.G.O.M.B. and the Trayvon Martin case

The coverage of this tragedy has been pretty much what you'd expect from the Local Gaggle of Moonbat Bloggers, Pandora; however, today she uses a video from MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell show, along with accompanying commentary from "progressive" websites, as definitive "proof" that George Zimmerman is lying:

Ever since the press started reporting on Zimmermanís injuries I fully expected to see pictures of a bloody nose, a bleeding gash on the back of his head that his attorney said should have required stitches. I expected to see George Zimmerman looking like he was beaten up.

Watch the video. We get to see Zimmermanís nose, back of his head and the back of his jacket. I canít really tell if there are grass stains on his jacket, but at this point Iím tossing out Zimmermanís version of events.

This is why the new media -- those who do not (rightly) trust the mainstream media -- is needed. The Daily Caller:

At the scene of the incident, according to a three-page preliminary police report, Zimmerman was given ďfirst aidĒ by Sanford Fire Department paramedics. It is unclear what that treatment consisted of, and how much time elapsed between the paramedicsí intervention and Zimmermanís arrival at the Sanford Police Department.

Perhaps this first aid given by the fire dept. cleaned up Zimmerman's bloody nose and laceration on the head?

Does anyone see this gash? Lord knows, weíve heard enough about it.

Here, maybe?

Pandora goes on to call law enforcement authorities "liars," and then says "given all this Iím ready to charge certain members of the Sanford Police and other law enforcement officials as accessories to a crime."

Isn't it just wonderful how "progressives" see no need for detailed investigations or a grand jury (which is scheduled to weigh evidence in this case on April 10) when they have networks like MSNBC? Y'know, the same network that allows one of its hosts to actively participate in protests in Sanford, FL, and purposely doctors quotes so that people will derive a preconceived opinion about the whole case.

Again, it is hilarious to watch "progressives" like Pandora -- so incredibly vociferous about granting terrorists Miranda rights and the like, and decrying waterboarding and other enhanced interrogation methods -- being so cocksure about Zimmerman's (and the Sanford police's) guilt that she, before any trial, declares them all criminals.

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