March 29, 2012

Dopey Letter of the Week 2

One wonders where Lora Neal of Philly gets her information:

TRAYVON MARTIN was an innocent black youth, minding his own business and returning from the store to the house where his parents lived. Trayvon only looked suspicious because he was in a community where he is not supposed to live. The only crime he committed was walking while being black. Please give us a break with the self-defense when the people in their homes heard Trayvon screaming for help. George Zimmerman is a murderer and should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

1) Trayvon "wasn't supposed to live" in the community? Why not? The community is quite diverse, racially speaking.

2) It's not clear just who was "screaming for help." Zimmerman says it was him; Trayvon Martin's family say it was their son.

3) Why isn't self defense a legitimate claim if Zimmerman was indeed attacked by Martin, as he claims?

4) How is Zimmerman "a murderer" when the public doesn't know exactly what happened that night, and the authorities are still piecing it together?

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