March 27, 2012

If you like Hunger Games, seek out The Running Man

The recently released Hunger Games is a big hit in the theatre, taking after its popular book of the same name. I haven't read Games nor seen the film (yet); however, based on having read its plot I was immediately reminded of the only book I ever read straight through without so much as budging from the couch -- The Running Man.

The Running Man is by Stephen King under his pseudonym Richard Bachman. Do not confuse this awesome novel with the cheesy Arnold Schwarzenegger film from 1988 -- they're nothing alike, really. In a dystopian future, we find Ben Richards, an unemployed father of a sick daughter who decides to try his hand at one of the games featured on the "Games Network." He's good enough to be chosen for the ultimate game, "The Running Man," where contestants are literally hunted down across the entire planet if need be. Survivors are rewarded handsomely (although not many know no contestant has ever "won"). It reads like one big car chase scene, and remains one of my favorite all-time scifi novels. If you're big into Hunger Games, I highly recommend Running Man.

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