March 24, 2012

What's wrong with this picture?

Police to ignore California impound law amid concern of fairness to illegal immigrants.

The Los Angeles Police Department will soon start ignoring California state law, which requires police to impound the vehicles of unlicensed drivers for 30 days. The majority of unlicensed motorists in Los Angeles are immigrants who are in the country illegally and have low-income jobs. The LAPD says the state's impound law is unfair because it limits their ability to get to their jobs and imposes a steep fine to get their car back.

As long as drivers can produce some form of I.D., proof of insurance and vehicle registration, they'll be allowed to keep their car. Police Chief Charlie Beck insists that it's simply leveling the playing field.

"It's about fairness. It's about equal application of the law," Beck told a Los Angeles TV station earlier this month.

Now, try to reconcile those two statements. The majority of unlicensed motorists are are here illegally, but impounding their cars because of that isn't an "equal application of the law."

Right. Got it.

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Why impound the car? The car didn't violate the law, driving with out a license! Impound the driver immigrant or not! I wonder no mention of car insurance! I guess we can assume no license no insurance.

Posted by: Kilroysdelaware at March 24, 2012 12:50 PM

Good thing us natural born citizens can fly to our jobs and not be hindered by having our cars impounded.

Posted by: Arthur at March 24, 2012 03:01 PM