March 22, 2012

A word from the Angry Left

Via the Newsbusters tip line (which goes out to many contributors, not just me). Extreme profanity (spelled out in the original e-mail) has been edited:

Fu** You!

We will take you treasonous bastards down just like we will take down the treasonous bastards at Fox News. I myself want all the lying piece of shit mouth pieces for the corporate puppets known as the Republican party tried for treason, and if I get my way, conspirators of those treasonous fu**ing Republican bastards who have hijacked the taxpayers money into private pockets will be tried for treason as well!

The violations of our Constitution in the laws written by the Republican party will no longer be tolerated, and any further enforcement of such laws will also be counted as conspirators of treason, as every public official takes an oath to the Constitution and the people, not to the Republican party, and the corporations that buy them! You better know that if you treasonous bastards try and take out Obama, America will take you out immediately! IMMEDIATELY!

Posted by Hube at March 22, 2012 08:15 PM | TrackBack

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Such bravery, erudition and depth of knowledge all from thousands of miles away... astounding.

Posted by: Floyd Alsbach at March 22, 2012 08:56 PM

And interestingly enough, nothing he spells out meets the definition of treason spelled out in the Constitution. I presume, therefore, that he wants to write that violation of our Constitution in to the laws so he can them prosecute Republicans for their political beliefs.

Posted by: Rhymes With Right at March 22, 2012 09:28 PM

Sure is some big talk from an unemployed unwashed douche bag living in his parentís basement. Get a job and take a bath hippy.

Posted by: Paul Duncan at March 23, 2012 03:23 AM