March 19, 2012

Oh, look!

It seems Rick Santorum was in attendance when a "fiery" pastor made some rather unsettling remarks:

Rick Santorum attended a revival-type church service on Sunday night in Louisiana, where the Rev. Dennis Terry, pastor of the Greenwell Springs Baptist Church, offered some fire and brimstone in a videotaped sermon that on Monday was going viral because of his fiery comments.

ďI donít care what the liberals say, I donít care what the naysayers say, this nation was founded as a Christian nation,Ē Mr. Terry said.

ďThereís only one God, and his name is Jesus,Ē he continued. ďIím tired of people telling me that I canít say those words. Iím tired of people telling us as Christians that we canít voice our beliefs or we can no longer pray in public. Listen to me. If you donít love America, if you donít like the way we do things I have one thing to say ó get out!Ē

Santorum stood and applauded after Terry was through.

The lefty blogs are obviously all over this -- and I don't blame them. It's pretty incendiary stuff. And, yes, just wrong.

But ... these are the very same folks who said our current president -- after sitting in the pew for twenty years in the church of one Jeremiah Wright -- can't be tied to his inflammatory remarks.

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