March 18, 2012

As if we needed proof

... here's yet another example of how the Left doesn't want a debate on anything -- they want to stifle debate by silencing the opposition, period:

From yesterday's edition of radio's syndicated Keeping It Real With Reverend Al Sharpton, the excerpt below is quite frankly unreal. Guest hosts Dominique Sharpton and Andre Eggelletion happily allowed a number of callers to demand opposition heads on a platter.

Known mostly for an ugly 2009 altercation, Dominique is the reverend's daughter. For his part, Eggelletion has been active in free speech suppression efforts in Southern California, working to remove KFI's top-rated John & Ken from Los Angeles airwaves. (Link)

Listen to the audio here.

There really is nothing more hysterically hilarious than to hear well known haters like Al "Resist We Much" Sharpton passing judgment on, and demanding restitution from, anybody, let alone having his very own show on a major cable network to do it.

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