March 15, 2012

Next violent act can be blamed on ... The Boss

Bruce Springsteen has never been more overtly political than over the last decade or so. Now, as PJ Lifestyle notes, he's gone "all in" with the Occupy movement -- so far as to explicitly promote violence against those nasty Wall Streeters:

Now Springsteen evidently feels his dream has been betrayed, and instead of blaming Obama, the “you” he sang to in 2008, he blames…Wall Street. The new album quickly proceeds to a series of savage denunciations and explicit calls for violence.

On the second track, which is called “Easy Money,” Springsteen sings:

There’s nothing to it mister, you won’t hear a sound
When your whole world comes tumbling down
And all them fat cats they just think it’s funny
I’m going on the town now looking for easy money

I got a Smith & Wesson .38
I got a hellfire burning and I got me a taste…

I don't know which is more hilarious -- the fact that Springsteen believes he's "one" with the working man ... considering he's never held a real job, or the fact that Springsteen believes he's "one" with the working man ... when he's a multi-millionaire several times over.

Just imagine if some conservative music star (most likely of the country genre) put out an album with similar lyrics and gun fire sound effects ... about our current administration. HOOOOO BOY!

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RemEmber when the Dixie chicks were ostracized for their one comment about bush? If they said that now they would be part of the majority. I guess they were just ahead of their time.

Posted by: Arthur at March 15, 2012 06:18 PM

First of all, he is a fat cat, and secondly, has he gone mad? I love his music but I'd be hard pressed to buy any more of it.

He's advocating violence? WTH!

Posted by: Sara Noble at March 22, 2012 09:25 PM

Bob Seger was always better at the blue-collar rock genre.

Posted by: lethargic at March 29, 2012 01:34 PM