March 08, 2012

Why Andrew Breitbart was important

He did the job the old media refused -- and refuses -- to do. Like thoroughly vet our president. Below is a video which Obama advisor Charles Ogletree outright admits he hid from the public back in 2008. Why did he hide it? Because it shows Obama telling everyone to embrace the words of Professor Derek Bell, a far-left radical who helped invent "Critical Race Theory" (discussed here at Colossus previously), an idea so out-there even leftist judges won't give it any weight.

Bell also wrote The Space Traders, a science fiction story where aliens promise the United States enough gold to solve all of its monetary problems ... if only the country gives them all its black citizens. The US does just this (of course) and the story has a not-so-subtle anti-Semitic message as well. This story was turned into a TV drama in the early 90s. It's hard not to notice in this drama how the head alien looks and talks just like Ronald Reagan, not to mention the ridiculous caricatures that are the [GOP] US president and his advisers in this scene.

Bell is just like the Rev. Jeremiah Wright but with greater academic cred. And our president embraced him, literally. Can Obama say that, like he did about Wright, that he "didn't hear anything" vitriolic from Bell? He states outright that we should "open our hearts and minds" to Bell's words.

No wonder Ogletree had to hide that tape.

And from Hot Air, watch as CNN's Soledad O'Brien (among others) demonstrates perfectly why Breitbart's efforts are needed.

Y'see, if O'Brien had her way, none of this would have ever come out (well, it didn't until Breitbart got into the mix) because she has determined that it is all "no big deal." She has. She doesn't want to leave it up to you to determine that for yourself. And need I mention, this is the same mainstream media that sent an army of reporters to sift through Sarah Palin's e-mails, and determined that a rock on a hunting ground -- rented by former prez candidate Rick Perry -- that had a racial epithet on it was a major [negative] story against the former TX governor. Among many other examples.

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