February 29, 2012

Hate speech worse than infanticide

Tom Blumer over at Newsbusters reports on the conclusion by a couple of ... "ethicists" in Australia about whether

"... we need to assess facts in order to decide whether the same arguments that apply to killing a human fetus can also be consistently applied to killing a newborn human." Their answer is "Yes, they should."

As shocking as this may seem, what's even more shocking, according to Julian Savulescu of the Practical Ethics blog and editor of the Journal of Medical Ethics in which the above proposition was published, are the examples of "hate speech" that have been directed at the Journal as a result. Got that? People voicing displeasure at the concept of infanticide are worse than those who would perpetrate said infanticide.

Now, as Blumer mentions in his Newsbusters post, some of the correspondence sent to the Journal involved threats. These, of course, are totally unacceptable. But Savulescu is also miffed at comments such as the following:

“These people are evil. Pure evil. That they feel safe in putting their twisted thoughts into words reveals how far we have fallen as a society.”

“I don‘t believe I’ve ever heard anything as vile as what these “people” are advocating. Truly, truly scary.”

“The fact that the Journal of Medical Ethics published this outrageous and immoral piece of work is even scarier”

“Liberals are disgusting. They have criminal minds. To think that a person must be considered “worthy” to live is criminal.”

“i can’t even comment on this atrocity. I know these people are murderers in their hearts. And God will treat them as such. They are completely spiritually dead.”

Savulescu concludes: "This is hate speech. The kind of thing that incenses people to violence."

Is that so? And pondering -- advocating -- putting infanticide on the same level as abortion doesn't do just that? How freakin' far have we fallen as a society when infanticide can be advocated because a child "might be an unbearable burden on the family and on society as a whole," but CRITICISM of such that action could lead people to violent actions.

Such simply defies the most basic morality.

And this is the world the contemporary Left would have us live in: Where supposed hate speech is akin to infanticide; where infanticide is pondered to allow for more personal and societal comfort, yet the death penalty for brutal killers is anathema; where peaceful protests against massive, intrusive government (Tea Parties) are demonized, but violent protests where people die, are raped, do drugs, and attack police are lionized; where one side's presidential candidates are vilified for supposedly wanting to outlaw contraception, but our current president -- who voted for a state law that allowed the infanticide of babies that survived an abortion -- is adored by women everywhere.

I'm reminded of the exchange between Sol and the head of the Book Exchange in Soylent Green. After Sol reads the classified report that reveals the Soylent Corporation is making food out of people, he exclaims "Good God!" Whereupon the head of the Exchange says, "What God, Mr. Roth? Where will we find him?"

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