February 27, 2012

Remember when Bush was chastised for $3.00 gallon gas???

Keep in mind all of these idiots are now saying "Oil prices are beyond President Obama's control."

I actually happen to think what they're saying now is correct -- that there's precious little the chief exec can do about high gas prices. But that ain't the issue. The issue is wanton, blatant hypocrisy. Obama and some of his minions are on record as supporting higher gas prices, not to mention The Messiah has dwindled the amount of federal lands on which oil can be explored/drilled for. So, even as new exploration and drilling would take years to affect the price at the pump, the perception (as opposed to that of our former president, Bush) is that Barack Obama is hostile to further domestic oil development -- period.

(h/t: BuzzFeed.)

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