February 07, 2012

OK to rip the KKK; al Qaeda, not so much

Cool little tidbit today over at Robot 6 about a 1946 Superman radio show that took on the Ku Klux Klan -- certainly ballsy considering the time period. Fast forward to the 2000s where creator Frank Miller wanted to have Batman take on ... al Qaeda. Then, Miller had to move his project elsewhere as DC executives were "squeamish" about the story. And after Miller altered the story (putting in out under a different label and changing some names), people are still upset. Like here:

Having read the book, I can only describe it as anti-Muslim propaganda of the worst type. The Muslim characters portrayed are uniformly bloodthirsty, deceitful and misogynistic, displaying total hatred of non-Muslims.

Also see here.

Yeah, I bet countless people in 1946 were upset that the Superman serial was "anti-white propaganda of the worst type," right? Please.

Somehow, in our modern age, it's acceptable -- even laudable -- to portray a mainstream political movement like the Tea Party as a threat to American society, but when someone rightly portrays a group like al Qaeda for what it truly is, well-o-well, then the usual "progressive" political correctness kicks in with a vengeance! I like Douglas Ernst's take:

Frank Miller’s Holy Terror: If You Hate It, Blame The Terrorists.

The Comics Alliance review by David Brothers asserts that the work is bigoted, the artwork at times incoherent in indecipherable. He complains about a panel of oblivious, Transformers-watching American teens juxtaposed against the stoning of a woman in the Middle East.

Dear David,

The artwork is incoherent and sloppy at times (and at times truly touching) because it reflects the confused and complex feelings of the artist. It’s in black and white, but it’s still difficult to follow—just like the subject of 9/11 and Islamic terrorism! Detached, clueless teenagers who say “Kewl” and “Awesome” in Holy Terror are propped up against a stoning because real life Americans are clueless and detached from the very real stonings and state sponsored murders that go on today in places like Iran.

For the first time in a comic book, someone had the guts to shed light on the barbaric practices going on, in 2011, in the Middle East. Bravo. (This too, sickens David Brothers.)

In a word: Yep. Seriously -- al Qaeda is pure evil. Just like the KKK is pure evil. Why is the former so hard for some to accept?

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And no one really seemed to have a problem with the evil Americans in Avatar!

Posted by: Cav at February 7, 2012 07:16 PM