February 02, 2012

About that "sanctity of marriage" thing

One thing that bugs me about the debate on how to define "marriage" is the refrain about the "sanctity of marriage". Given the levels of infidelity, abuse, divorce and so on the argument rings hollow when telling two gay people they may not marry. A marriage is only as sacred as its participants make it.

All of that pales in comparison to this:

A cannibal is marrying a vampire

Not a sparkly vampire. A real one. Real in the way that she killed a guy and drank his blood. I'm still not sure what it says about marriage when two people who are already determined to be insane are somehow sane enough to enter into a marriage.

Marriage is and always will be two things: A civil union recognized by the state and a spiritual union recognized by a religion. The latter is optional and frequently only used as window dressing.

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