January 27, 2012

If you didn't know this was coming by now, you're living in a cave

M-BS-NBC anchor Melissa Harris-Perry on Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer's photographed "confrontation" with President Obama on the tarmac:

The fact is, when I see that still, I cannot help but to be reminded of the still photograph that was captured in 1957 in Little Rock, Arkansas, of the young woman Hazel screaming at a young Elizabeth Eckford on her way trying to get into Little Rock High School, Central High School in Little Rock, Arkansas. And the reason I bring up that image is because what we’ve come to know about Hazel in the years later is that as a young woman, Hazel, the young woman who was screaming at Elizabeth Eckford, was not herself sort of particularly, you know, full of racial animus or anything like that. But she was, she was caught up in this moment of racial anxiety, of making this point against these people who were coming in and trying to force their way into the school, and she sort of enjoyed the show or being able to yell at Elizabeth Eckford in this moment. But that image captured all of the ugliness, all of the nastiness of the larger political milieu, and I feel that this picture does as well.

Here's the pic Harris-Perry is talking about:

And here's the "infamous" pic of Gov. Brewer and Obama:

Now, if Harris-Perry feels that "... image captured all of the ugliness, all of the nastiness of the larger political milieu," how does she reconcile

  • that it was Obama who reportedly "started" things by chastising Brewer for how she portrayed him in her book Scorpions for Breakfast.
  • that it was Obama's Justice Dept. that sued her state for its supposedly "tough" immigration law -- a law which, arguably, will be upheld by the US Supreme Court because it really doesn't do anything beyond what it's supposed to do.
  • that it's Obama who has the "power" if you're looking at this from a "racist" angle. Liberal "racers" like Harris-Perry like to point this out all the time -- that racism also has a "power structure." So, who has more power than the president of the United States?? Answer: No one on the planet.

At any rate, that picture is but a snap instant in time, whereas the actual raw video shows that the governor and president greeted each other warmly and cordially. And Obama himself says there has been much ado about nothing:

“I think it’s always good publicity for a Republican if they’re in an argument with me,” Obama said of their most recent meeting. “But this was really not a big deal. She wanted to give me a letter, asking for a meeting. And I said, ‘We’d be happy to meet.’

Oh my God, and then there's this -- it begins again: The Moron Left and the A-hole Elite Media are harping on the "civility" issue thanks to the Brewer-Obama flap. Here's CBS's Bob Schieffer lecturing us peons on how it's [always] the Right's fault when it comes to political rudeness:

“This is just another sign of the growing incivility and really vulgarity of our modern American politics,” Schieffer declared, fretting “these campaigns have gotten so ugly and so nasty, that they’re now tarnishing the whole system.” He despaired it demonstrates “the coarseness of our culture in this age of social media.”

I can never recall a President stepping off Air Force One, which is itself a symbol of the presidency in American democracy, and being subjected to such public rudeness. I think really we’re a better people than this little incident illustrates.

Uh huh. To quote National Review's Jonah Goldberg, "To hell with you people."

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