January 12, 2012

Oh, no!

I caught a bit of this story on ABC's "Good Morning America" this morning -- several US Marines were videotaped urinating on dead Taliban fighters. Now, while this is obviously inappropriate behavior, the national MSM is all over this story like flies on feces. I think Jonah Goldberg sums it up nicely in a Tweet this morning: "I think we'll be waiting a long time for the national outrage the media wants over the Marine peeing on Taliban story."

And he's right. Why should I or any American get worked up about a bunch of murderous barbarians being treated pretty much as they rightly deserve? But, you just gotta love the self-righteous hilarity:

  • The Council on American-Islamic Relations, a D.C.-based human rights group, condemned what it called "the apparent desecration of the dead."

  • "This is not the first time we see such brutality," Taliban spokesman, Zabihullah Mujahid, said.

  • President Hamid Karzai's government "strongly condemned" the video and called the actions by American soldiers "insulting" and "insane."

  • Defense Secretary Leon Panetta on Thursday condemned the Marines' actions as "utterly deplorable."

Meanwhile, Panetta and his boss Barack Obama continue to order unmanned drone attacks to kill suspected terrorists. And who the f*** cares what the Taliban and Hamid Karzai think?? Until they can reconcile their barbarian existence with the 21st century, they should keep their radical Islamist mouths closed. If they'd just be content to keep their ultra-radical religious nonsense within their own borders, fine. But the reason our Marines are even there in the first place is precisely because they couldn't.

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Seriously, you're going to get mad at them pissing on corpses? No outrage at said corpses being createded or for the taliban fighters trying to kill the Marines? Typical.

Posted by: Jeff the Baptist at January 12, 2012 04:29 PM

These are the same people who sawed off Daniel Pearl's head on video and sent it around the world and there are complaints about THIS? REALLY!? Are you fucking kidding me? If I were there I'd be carrying around baconfat to smear on these guys after they were dead.

Posted by: Duffy at January 13, 2012 09:24 AM

Actually Duffy,
I believe it was al-Qaeda who killed Daniel Pearl in Pakistan, not the Taliban. Khalid Sheik Mohammed admitted beheading him personally.

Otherwise, I fully concur with your sentiments.

This endless kowtowing to Islam's sensibilities and ignoring the vulnerability of an honor/shame culture is one huge reason this war continues for so long.

-Rob Miller-

Posted by: Rob Miller @ Joshuapundit at January 20, 2012 12:24 AM