January 07, 2012

Now you need ID ...

... to buy drain cleaner. But ridiculously idiotic "progressives" like one Geezer and our old pal Perry (aka Wagonwheel) are still screaming about how such a requirement to vote "suppresses" votes, is "discriminatory," and addresses a problem "that doesn't exist."

Does requiring photo ID to buy drain cleaner "supress" minorities and the elderly from purchasing the product? Don't these groups have the same right to buy drain cleaner that other groups do -- groups that are statistically more likely to possess photo IDs? And does the drain cleaner requirement address a problem that "doesn't exist?" After all, only a few (two, to be precise) mentally imbalanced people have used drain cleaner to harm others in the Chicago area.

Idiot "progressives" like Geezer and Perry believe that voter ID laws are a GOP plot to negate traditional Democratic voters. Republicans maintain such a requirement is to preserve the integrity of the voting process. Is the Democratic state rep who sponsored the drain cleaner law attempting to clog the plumbing of historically oppressed groups? Or is he attempting to maintain a degree a public safety with a hazardous product?

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